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Sign up and you can use your dedicated Agiblocks Service as your trading application the next day! Fully configured to your requirements and ready to go for your free Configuration Walk Through Session.

Pay as You Go

No upfront license is required.  An Agiblocks subscription is billed on a monthly basis.  Users can be added or deleted as required.  Never pay more then you need and receive instant extension of your service levels!

Subscribe On Line

Subscriptions and services are available through on line ordering only. All information required to set up your system will be collected  efficiently. No additional paperwork, documents etcetera.

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Your Trade Book and Trade Application In the Cloud

Always have access to your trade book, your logistic plan and derivatives portfolio. Full trading functionality available, in real time, any time or any place with just a single click!

Detailed Insight on the Go !

Agiblocks has intuitive screens providing detailed insight into your trading positions and logistic processes. Agiblocks offers extensive drill down functionalty. Users can tailor screens to their individual preferences. You are never more then 3 clicks away from your next transaction.

Dashboards and Analytical Tools included

Position Management, Mark to Market Valuation and a Full Trade Profit and Loss are available real time.  Additionally, Agiblocks offers Dashboards for real time monitoring and has a built-in Business Intelligence Tool for instant analysis of real time data.



Commodity Specific Functionality

Commodity Specialized Functionality for different markets included. Think of Sampling & Cupping for Coffee, Ratio Trading for Cocoa, White Premium for Sugar, and many more!

Experience Matters !

Agiblocks Subscription is available  per-configured for different commodity trading environments, experience matters !

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Reliable & Flexible Support

Highly Customer Oriented Support

Both on line and telephone support are provided through business hours. Our experienced staff is multilingual and used a variety of modern communication tools to address your questions.

Flexible Support Extensions

Adjust your support needs to your requirements. You can easily upgrade or downgrade your support level and sign up for different training or tutoring sessions. Never pay more then you need, whilst never running out !

Consult with our staff further – book an on line session!

We like you to get the maximum out of Agiblocks, therefore our education and consulting services are at reasonable and fixed rates – no surprises! You can quickly order a Configuration Walk-through, an Individual Tutorial or Expertise Pack with Q&A time here on line.

Before you start… We walk you through

To give you a jump start in understanding Agiblocks, we offer a free Configuration Walk-through session for administrators at the start of your subscription.

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Powerful, Secure & Mobile

Fully Hosted Infrastructure

Agiblocks by Subscription is fully hosted at an independent and professional hosting center. Hardware, Microsoft platforms and SQL databases are included and are tailored to your usage and requirements. Maintenance, upgrades, back-up and recovery are included in the service.

Secure Storage and Connections

The service is hosted using SSL secured connections. You have an individual and dedicated software environment and your data is well protected.

Truly Mobile

Agiblocks is device, operating system and browser independent and designed to be used on mobile devices.


"We use Agiblocks intensively and it holds up to its promises. For us, the ability to cope with complex trading environments, the simple to use interface and the intuitive logic of the software are major benefits."
Bas van GoorRCMA Sugar
"Agiblocks allows a quick implementation. We recognized the flexibility of configuration, the multi-company functionality and technology potential. Strong tools to manage commodity trade and associated supply chain risks."
Jean Marie NeeTereos commodities
“One of the main reasons for choosing Agiblocks was the user friendliness and ability to make complex matters simple. The position screens in Agiblocks are providing capabilities to oversee in one view our situation.”
Hottlet Sugar
Wim DeplaHottlet Sugar

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