How it all started

All commodity-trading professionals have at some point run up against the limitations of the mediocre software that was supposed to support them. A full 80% of all CTRM system implementations fail and even in successful implementations, traders feel huge pressure to fit their processes to the limitations of the software. The high upfront license costs and long, costly implementations meant that up until 2010, CTRM software was only an affordable luxury for larger companies. Others had no other option than to use spreadsheets. In 2009, a group of experienced commodity trading and risk management professionals decided to create an alternative. Their mission was not just the next generation of CTRM systems, but a solution that would truly meet the users’ business and technical needs.

Agiblocks the next generation of Commodity Trade and Risk Management Software

Based on our experience, our vision and the input of reputable commodity companies, Agiboo started to develop a commodity trading software solution that they would want to use themselves; that, and that over time, would be useful and affordable for small and medium-sized companies.

Thanks to the unprecedented commitment of all involved, Agiboo developed Agiblocks, a truly mobile, real-time and easy to use commodity trade and risk management solution. Agiblocks has been built using the latest technology, is fully web browser based and can be hosted on a server on site or in the cloud.

As from June 2016 Agiblocks is offered as Software as a Service. The pay as you go subscription service is standardized for the different commodity industries.

Agiblocks home

Agiblocks Enterprise our most versatile offering

Agiblocks Enterprise

Agiblocks Enterprise is our flagship product that has been developed to cater for companies with complex trading and risk management challenges.

Agiblocks Enterprise is offered under license with unlimited and privileged implementation and support options.

This is a good choice for more demanding trading environments  or for subscription customers that have enjoyed the benefits of Agiblocks and want to take their benefit to a next level.

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Agiblocks Enterprise for demanding environments

Multi Company Environments

With Agiblocks Enterprise you can administer and mange multi company environments. Agiblocks then offers inter company transactions and provides consolidated risk management functionality.

Multi Commodity Environments

With Agiblocks Enterprise you can administer and mange multi commodity group environments. This solution facilitates separation of trading books and users, and provides risk management information per commodity group, whilst maintaining control from one software environment.

Full Company Customised Configuration

Agiblocks Enterprise offers the opportunity to have a fully customized configuration for a company that require much from a complexity perspective, or just because you want the maximum benefits from Agiblocks in terms of efficiency and or risk management.

Unlimited Service

Enterprise users have the privilege of unlimited and personalized service. For Enterprise customers we offer extensive implementation services on site, making sure your Agiblocks system facilitates your business best!

Knowledge and Know How of commodities and commodities trading are key in our business. Over time, the Agiboo team expanded to include a variety of international professionals with extensive expertise in commodity business processes. The combination of decades of experience in commodity trading with technology-savvy developers has resulted in the uniqueness of Agiblocks, a revolutionary CTRM Software solution that matches the initial vision of Agiboo’s founders.

Visit our knowledge center at where we share our commodity knowledge with the commodity industry.

Our Team

Carlos Pestana

Customer Support Specialist

Carlos Pestana is an IT Administrator with extensive analytical experience of investigating and diagnosing network and application problems with a strong knowledge of procedures and processes. Carlos is a result driven individual with an in-depth knowledge of architecture, installing and configuring computing systems. He has the ability to quickly understand user questions and implementing practical and realistic solutions in a short period of time.

Margaret Menzies

Software Delivery Director

Margaret Menzies has made a career of helping software companies successfully grow their business. Before joining Agiboo, Margaret worked as a Develpment Director at software companies based in Eindhoven NL, Paris FR, Boston MA and Munich DE. She’s helped launch a variety of SaaS based, business product offerings and has experience working with both enterprise and small business customers.

Svetlana Tokunova

Sales Associate

Svetlana Tokunova is a Sales Associate at Agiboo, responsible for various sales and marketing activities and responsible for the planning of web demo’s and conference and events. With her commitment, Svetlana achieves successful outcomes and quality services for businesses. Svetlana graduated from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands and received her Master’s Degree in Economics & Business. Prior to that, Svetlana graduated from National Research University – Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia and received her Bachelor Degree in Economics and Management.

Jan van den Brom

Chief Commercial Officer

Jan van den Brom is a co—founder of Agiboo and responsible for business development. Prior to Agiboo, Van den Brom was Vice President of marketing and business development at TRADEPAQ. His passion for commodity trade and risk management solutions grew during his work on implementations at global commodity trading organizations. Jan is inspired by making easy to use and innovative solutions for the complex world of commodity trade and continues to build a business development strategy where information technology meets commodity trade and procurement.

Frank Vlastuin

Frank Vlastuin

Business Analyst

Frank Vlastuin has an extensive professional background in the agricultural commodiy business and has been developing custom-made sofware for agricutural and bio-energy companies. Frank started within Agiboo as member of the research and development team and was responsible for business requirements for both trade and financial integrations. Today’s activities are with customers to implement, configure and deploy Agiblocks to best support a company’s business processes. In this role he is a key contact person for customers looking to maximize their productivity using Agiblocks.

Joep Wijers

Chief Technology Officer

Joep Wijers is a co—founder of Agiboo and as CTO responsible for Product Management and Development. His background includes working with internationally operating software vendors, where he has 25 years of experience in creating innovative enterprise software products and architectures. He applies state of the art proven technology and agile development methods to make commodity trade and risk management manageable in user friendly software which aligns with current commodity business practices.

Tao Jiang

Senior Consultant & Project Manager

Tao Jiang is a Senior CTRM Consultant at Agiboo and supports customers with configuration, implementation and training. Tao gained his commodities expertise by working in various roles for BHP Billiton. He has extensive knowledge of commodities and operating processes, together with a practical understanding of risk management practices for both physical and derivatives products. Tao has experience as senior consultant and project manager performing both roles within SAP environments. Tao holds a Ph.D in Management from the RSM Erasmus University and is a Master of Science in Organization from Tilburg University.  He obtained his Bachelor in Economics at the Tianjin University of Finance and Economics. Tao is proficient in Chinese (Mandarin), English and Dutch.

Bart Kroon

Chief Executive Officer

Bart Kroon was appointed CEO of Agiboo in June 2014. Bart has extensive experience in financial and operational risk management, such gained through various senior management and board positions. At Amtrada Holding (Cocoa and Coffee origination and trading) Bart served as Group CFO and COO of the Cocoa Division. At Nutreco Holding N.V.  he held successively the positions of CFO of the Hendrix UTD  (animal feeds), CFO at Marine Harvest America’s (fish farming), Group Director Internal Audit, Group Director Global Sourcing and Procurement. Bart obtained a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master in Business Administration & Accountancy from Groningen University. Bart serves as a Supervisory Board Member at a Dutch Animal Feed Cooperative Voergroep Zuid and at Fair Trade Original.

Terms and conditions

Using Agiblocks by Subscription requires you follow some rules. Agiboo applies The Nederland ICT terms & conditions to all our offerings and agreements.
Nederland ICT is the branch association of IT companies in The Netherlands. Download the Nederland ICT voorwaarden 2014 english here for more details.

For more information about our terms and conditions, please visit: Agiblocks terms and conditions