Agiblocks is feature rich and easy to use

Agiblocks offers end to end functionality for your commodity trade book, logistics and risk management. The intuitive user interface enables a fast adoption.


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Physical Contract Management

ContractsAgiblocks supports your physical contract administration, supports various pricing structures and takes care of contract document generation, administers contract delivery schemes and registers contract related costs. Unrealized and Realized P & L on a contract will be calculated automatically and in real time.

Commodity Logistics Management

ShipmentsLogistics Management supports you in allocating shipments and transports to contracts, and to schedule your logistics portfolio. The functionality includes logistics budgeting and logistics document management. Keeping track on your moving stocks has never been so easy.

Manage your Risk with Futures, Options and Foreign Exchange

FuturesOptionsCapture and manage your full derivatives portfolio to price contracts and/or to manage your risk. Futures can be allocated to contracts for pricing or hedging purposes and/or allocated to an exposure basket.

Captured Foreign Exchange contracts can be allocated to contracts enabling a precise P&L. All allocated derivative contracts will directly update the physical contract statuses and positions.

Commodity exchanges

Physical Position and Portfolio Valuation

PositionM2M The benefits of a real time position management are tremendous. Agiblocks has an agile drill down functionality that enables you to decompose a consolidated physical position with just a click.


Real time Mark to Mark valuation both enables optimal trade decisions and agile risk management. The agile Position and Mark to Market functionality allows risk managers to slice and dice through their portfolio without the need for spreadsheets. For those that can’t do without Excel, there is an Excel export option to extract data on the fly.

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No Hassle Document Management

Document-TemplatesA built-in document generator processes your data into documents,  whether it is a Contract, Shipping Advice, a Certificate, a Price Confirmation or an Invoice. Agiblocks generates and archives documents, allowing e-mail distribution in a Microsoft Word or PDF format. You can create new document templates or maintain or alter existing templates using Microsoft Word as an editor.

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Real Time Dashboards Build-In Business Intelligence


DashboardReportingYou can stay on top of your numbers and instantly analyze real time information through Dashboard technology and a built-in Business Intelligence Tool.


The Business Intelligence Tool supports flexible reporting either through attractive PDF reports, or  when required as Excel files.


Prepared to Integrate with your accounting environment

AccountingInvoicingAgiblocks is fully designed to compose outgoing invoices and register incoming invoices. Completeness of revenue and allocation of cost to a physical contract is ensured.


The next level of benefits can be realised when Agiblocks is integrated into your accounting application. The integration platform supports different levels of integration and which can prevent double input and processing of data.

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Download the Agiblocks Product Sheet for more details.

Standard Subscription

Our Standard subscription offers the basic functionality that is required in your specific commodity industry. It caters for your commodity needs; a straight forward risk portfolio, supports all trading and logistic processes and takes care of your basic documentation needs. Under this subscription you have access to a standard support level, taking care of your basic needs. It’s an easy way to start using Agiblocks and enjoy the benefits of a professional management tool. The Standard subscription is favored by these companies with a Keep It Simple and Do-It-Yourself approach.


Professional Subscription

Our Professional subscription plan offers extended functionality and extended support. Here you enjoy additional benefits to master more complex commodity and risk portfolios, along with covering credit risk & deposits management. On top of this functionality, you have extensive trade P&L snapshots and data export functionality and the option to link Agiblocks with your accounting system. Connecting Agiblocks to your accounting software can reduce administrative workload even further! It’s an easy way to start using Agiblocks and enjoy the many benefits of professional management tool. The Professional subscription is favored by these companies with a Manage Things Best but Do-It-Yourself approach.


Premium Subscription

Our Premium subscription plan offers even more extended functionality combined with high touch application usage support. Additional functionality extends to support even more complex trade portfolios and allows you to manage your own document templates. The Premium subscription contains a build-in business intelligence tool for analysis and reporting purposes and includes an extensive support package to ensure you utilize Agiblocks to its fullest extent. The Premium subscription is favored by these companies with a Full Control and a high efficiency / best practice approach.