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€ 179 € 279 € 479
Per user per month Per user per month Per user per month
 Physcial contract management All features from Standard subscription   All features from Professional subscription
 Forex contract support  Arbitrage   Advanced Risk Analysis
 Logistics coordination  Position rolling  Reporting
 Commercial invoicing  Inventory management  Automatic Price Feeds
 Basic Risk management  Financial system integration  Document Management
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Standard Professional Premium
€ 179 € 279 € 479
Per user per month Per user per month Per user per month
Physical contracts Physical contracts Physical contracts
Futures Futures Futures
Position management Position management position management
Mark to market Mark to market Mark to Market
Deliveries Deliveries Deliveries
Invoicing Invoicing Invoicing
Inventory Inventory Inventory
Dashboards Dashboards Dashboards
Credit risk Credit risk Credit risk
Transports Transports transports
Reports Reports Reports
Multi company Multi company Multi company
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Support Levels are aligned to Subscription Plans

Each Agiblocks Subscription plan has it’s own level of support, reflecting the expected guidance and support required. Here we anticipate the way companies implement and use the software and their own attitude when it comes to our sourced services. Where companies require elevated support levels, either continuously or temporary Agiboo offers separate support extensions


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