Flexible Support Options

At Agiboo we have high standards when it comes to customer services and support, whether it is Q&A from our support desk, release management, or consulting. Each AgiblocksSubscription plan has it’s own level of support, reflecting the expected guidance and support required. We anticipate the way companies implement and use the software and their own attitude when it comes to our sourced services. Where companies require elevated support levels, either continuously or temporary Agiboo offers separate support extensions. Adjust the support received from the Agiboo support desk to your own requirements by extending your support call service. An easy add-on to your subscription and when you feel that you need less, as easy to unsubscribe.


Support Desk and On Line Support

Our support desk manages the hosting of your service and acts as a safety net for your own administrator, securing your configuration and supporting day-to-day Q&A.

Our support desk is available throughout business hours and will address your requests diligently, giving them the priority they need. Our support process is professional and we track, trace and process support tickets vigorously, aided by on line support tools to ensure efficient communication.

Seamless Release Management

Your Agiblocks by Subscription is fully serviced and includes automatic data backups, a secure connection to cloud services and regular Agiblocks software updates.

Our support staff will notify administrators when new releases are available and when your system has received an update.  Most updates will be unnoticed, but we ensure that subscribers will receive release notes for every update detailing any enhancements or new features available in the subscription.

Configuration Walk-trough Session

When your Agiblocks by Subscription is activated, your configuration of Agiblocks will be based on the commodities and company details you have provided. We enable our customers to have a good understanding of this powerful tool and their specific configuration by offering a Configuration Walk-through Session. All subscriptions come with a free Configuration Walk-through Session for the Agiblocks administrator. When needed, you can order a Configuration Walk-through Session for other users as well.

Webinar Training Sessions

Agiblocks Software is intuitive easy to understand, nevertheless we recommend users to be guided to decrease their Agiblocks learning curve. Webinar Training Sessions are available on a regular basis and any subscriber can obtain a ticket to join one. These sessions are 45 minutes and each webinar address a specific piece or functionality of Agiblocks. Each webinar will conclude with a short Q&A session.

Individual Tutorial Sessions

The fastest way to shorten an Agiblocks learning curve, catering for your own individual training needs, is a one to one tutorial training. A tutorial training is an on line session for one individual.  It lasts approx. 2 hours and covers a specific topic. During a tutorial an integrated segment of the Agiblocks software is explained and a trainer assists a trainee in exploration and practice. Tutorial sessions are offered for the segments:

  • Contract Capture
  • Logistics Management
  • Position Management and Valuation
  • Finance and Invoicing

Expertise Packs

Agiblocks software has tremendous capabilities for efficiency enhancement and risk management. We gladly offer our customers guidance on the use of Agiblocks by Subscription, through our Expertise Service Packs. Expertise Packs are Individual Service Sessions and include 0ne to one  exploration, guidance on further configuration settings and detailing master data, risk profiles, template management, report management, etcetera. For the Extended and Ultimate sessions, you can send us an overview of topics or questions to address in advance of the session so that it can be better tailored to your needs.

  • Expertise pack Core (2 hours one to one)
  • Expertise pack Extended (3 hours one to one )
  • Expertise pack Ultimate (4 hours one to one)

We’d like our customers to utilize the full power of Agiblocks and thus each expertise pack includes free tickets to participate in Webinar Training Sessions.

Support Desk Extensions

Adjust the support received from the Agiboo support desk to your own requirements by extending your support call service. It’s an easy add-on to your subscription and when you feel that you need less, as easy to unsubscribe. We offer 2 Support Extensions programs:

  • Support Extension I (adding 2 monthly support requests to your subscription)
  • Support Extension II (adding 4 monthly support requests to your subscription)

Your Printed Copy of the User Manual

Agiblocks by Subscription has an embedded User Manual within the software. Detailed descriptions and instructions are just one click away! Nevertheless you might want to receive the full manual in a binder for detailed reading and study. We gladly ship the manual once ordered though our website.

Consulting on Site

We are experienced in working online or remotely but we understand the need to meet in person. Face to face contact on site, is in some cases the best approach to move forward in an implementation or the most effective when it comes to training and consulting. Our team of experienced consultants are happy to provide such consulting after a review and mutual agreement of your business needs. Please contact our sales team for further information.